Shaping the food
of the future

Biotechnology is the future of the food industry.
It will drastically change the food making, increasing both the quality and quantity.

We at Hi-Bio strongly believe that biotechnology-enriched food very soon will become mainstream, contributing to a more sustainable and healthier human diet.

and Expertise
We build on the extensive biotechnology background and global research.
The team of prominent researchers at Hi-Protein develops unparalleled, cutting-edge technologies, products, and formulations.

for a Healthy
What is the food of the future?
We believe it should support a healthy, active lifestyle.
Mass-produced foods are far from this definition, while most people just cannot afford healthy food. Antibiotics, hormones, and pesticides are extensively used to boost productivity. These substances ultimately find their way onto our plates as meal components.

A great advantage of biotech production is that it does not use any harmful substances while the biotech food ingredients are not expensive and available to most consumers.

Diabetes and obesity are the two most severe global health challenges. Hi-Bio has an advanced biotech solution
Sugar production is more dangerous for the environment than that of low-calorie, zero insulin response biotech sugar made sustainably.

Sweet proteins and liquid sugars make your lifestyle healthier without giving up your favorite meals

Oilseed products are the primary source of fats in the human diet. Oilseeds require a special climate and soil. Therefore, few nations feed the entire world with vegetable oils, resulting in enormous logistics costs.
A better option is the biotech fat. Advanced biotechnology will make fats regardless of climate or soil quality.

Body cells seem unrelated to health and nutrition. But the truth is that body cells are the source of energy and the pillars of our health.
Cellular nutrition is a new paradigm: food is considered not just a source of nutrients but also a powerful healing tool for the cellular structures

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